Hotswap Program

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  Our Premium 30-Day Guarantee Our Hot Swap Warranty - 365 days Our Competitors
Duration of coverate 30 calendar days from ship date 365 calendar days from ship date 20-30 days
Return Freight Charges Customer Pays *Before 45-days, Nextwarehouse Pays Customer Pays
Replacement Freight Charges Nextwarehouse Pays *After 45 days, Customer Pays Seller Pays
Express Cross-Shipment Customer Pays Seller Pre-ship* Customer Pre-Pay if available
Estimated Turn Around time (if in stock) 7-30 days Within 5 business days 4-5 weeks

FAQ about Hotswap Warranty
Q: Who should consider purchasing the Hotswap Warrant?

A1: Corporate end users, home users, Education groups and non-profit organizations, and small office/home office. In the event a product should be defective, you would not need to deal with the manufacturer's lengthy warranty process that takes up your time.

A2: We strongly suggest customers buying HEAVY and/or EXPENSIVE items like printers, copiers, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), LCD monitors, which are extremely difficult to handle, add the HotSwap warranty to their order. We simplify the return process for orders under 45-days by either issuing a call tag for a carrier to reclaim the defective item or send you a shipping label to adhere to the package and drop it at a convenient UPS/FED EX location. Return items over 45 days will have additional shipping costs applied. No more logistic nightmares for warranty services.

Q: How long is my Hotswap Warranty good for?

A: *You have 45 days to request a Hotswap exchange at no charge on a defective item, after 45 days the customer is responsible for the logistics cost of shipping the item back to our destination or one of our warehouses. Hotswap Warranties are valid up to one year from the date of purchase. Contact our RMA service center to arrange your Hotswap.

Q: Why should I even consider purchasing the Hotswap warranty?

A1: If a warranty is filed with the manufacturer, the manufacturer reserves the right to exchange the unit with a refurbished item. If you purchased the Hotswap warranty, we would exchange the unit for a factory sealed brand new make and model.

A2: Also you, the customer, is responsible for the logistics and cost of sending the item back to the manufacturer. Under the Hotswap warranty, and within 45 days of the exchange, we will issue a call tag/shipping label at no extra cost to you. After 45 days and up to one year, additional costs will be applied for shipping.

A3: With the Hotswap, the turn around time would be within 5 business days, the manufacturer might take 2-4 weeks to get the replaced item shipped out to you.

A4: You avoid the frustrating and tedious warranty process, if you Hotswap within 45 days of the order, you avoid paying any shipping costs. After 45 days, additional shipping costs will be applied. Most of all, you can use your precious time to do better things than hang on the phone making exchanges.

A5: No more hidden costs associated with warranty exchanges. This one-time, low-cost plan protects the item for up to 365 days from the date of purchase.

Q: What are the conditions for submitting a Hotswap Request?

A: The conditions for a Hotswap request is the same as our standard 30-day policy, refer to the conditions for "returns" page for details. We stand behind the items we sell and will support requests on manufacturer defects. However, we cannot be held responsible for any accidental damages. This is NOT an accidental use warranty.

Q: Why do I have to provide a credit card even if I purchased the Hotswap Warranty?

A: If a defective item were not returned within the stated time frame, we would have an accounting irregularity when an item is checked out of our warehouse for more than 5 days. The credit card is only on file as a precaution, in the event the customer forgets to return the defective unit. We will never charge the card if the item is returned to us in a timely manner.

Q: How does the Hotswap Warranty work?

A: If you have a claim for the Hotswap product, just contact our RMA department with your order number and provide them with the necessary information, once approved you will receive further instructions. It only takes about 5 business days for the arrangements to be made.

Q: Can I purchase the Hotswap Warranty after I received the product?

A: Unfortunately, the Hotswap warranty has to be purchased at the point-of-sale. This is because the warehouse will keep a record of the serial number that is warranted. The RMA department will match the serial number for the item that is being requested to avoid any misuse of this plan. We are here to offer our services to our customers.

Q: How many times can the Hotswap Warranty be made?

A: The request is only valid to be made for 1 time, on 1 individual item, on 1 quantity. In other words, if you purchase two units of the same product, you may request 2 Hotswaps. However, both products need to be covered under the Hotswap warranty.

Q: Why are consumables like software, ink/toner cartridges, drums, belts, media (paper or optical), etc. not warranted?

A: These are items that are not renewable and have a short shelf life. These items are usually a single use item that cannot be resold, once these consumables are open, the value of the item is lost.

Express Cross-Shipment
The replacement product is shipped out prior to the return item being checked in. Refund for the price of the product minus S/H
Turnaround Time
The amount of time before the replacement unit is shipped.
Return Freight charges
The cost of freight for customer to send the item back to NextWarehouse Replacement Freight charges The cost of freight for Nextwarehouse to send replacement unit to customer
*Seller Pre-ship
Requires a valid credit card as collateral security.
RMA number
Required for all returns
Original Packaging
Required for all returns.
  • The Hotswap program is only applicable to all hardware equipment.
  • Softwares, consumables (ink/toner cartridges, drums, belts, etc), media (paper, magnetic, or optical), are not applicable for Hotswap
  • This list is a partial list and is non-inclusive.

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